Viewpoint: Healthcare for fair workers

This year, More than 300 workers at the Albany Exchange Club Fair got an opportunity for free health care. Medical trailers were set up in the RV park across from the fairgrounds and treat workers during fair week.
This service was provided by The Mallary Baptist Association, which  is made of up 51 churches and ministries in southwest Georgia and they say they're committed to being a beacon of light to others.
For those who travel all over the country working the fairs, a trip to a doctor or dentist is hard to come by.
For over a decade, the Mallary Baptist Association has teamed up with local doctors and dentists to provide those services, free of charge.
"We've been doing this for about 12 years and it's kind of expanded year by year," says Tom Hocutt, Director of Admissions.
"A lot of these people have no money. They have no way to get insurance. They have very limited means and it's quite a blessing really to be able to help them," says long-time Albany Oncologist Dr. Phillip Roberts.
This is a great group to contribute to this season, so they can continue to provide this service for years to come.