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Teacher's cell swiped, risque' pix 'Facebooked'


If you have the facebook app on your cell phone, it's a good idea to log out when you're not using it. A Turner County school teacher knows because someone stole his cell phone and uploaded provocative photos right to his facebook page for all his friends to see. 

Police are trying to find out who is responsible. They were able to track that cell phone and it was turned into the School Resource officer. The superintendent says police have a person of interest they want to talk to about the cell phone theft, but in the meantime he wants to remind people to always log out of your social networking sites on your phone in case this happens to you.

Facebook friends of Jason Minshew got a little more than they bargained for when provocative pictures showed up on the high school teacher's facebook page Monday night.

One of those people was Ray Jordan, the superintendent of schools in Turner County. "I saw this teacher's apology and then I was scrolling down I saw the post where it had been posted."

 The pictures were of a 19-year-old who had recently gradated from Turner County high school. In the pictures she had revealing clothing on and was posed provocatively.

"It is certainly embarrassing ..it is potentially career damaging for an educator in this trust capacity."

Minshew has been teaching in Turner County for nine years and also coaches on the side. "He is the victim of a crime. an embarrassing situation created by the person who committed that crime."

Now police are trying to figure out where the pictures came from and who uploaded them from the teacher's page. The superintendent says he does not think the woman in the photos was involved. "We suspect the possibility that the phone was used to download these pictures and then repost that under this teachers name."

All of that should be cleared up by the police investigation. Also, police are investigating whether this cell phone theft is connected to a recent rash of cell phone thefts at the high school.

 The superintendent says simply closing the application does not mean you are logged out. He recommends if  your phone is stolen, change your facebook password right away.

You also may want to change your email password in addition to any other applications a thief may also be able to access on your phone.

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