Viewpoint: The process worked again!

As the results from last week's Presidential election were confirmed, it became obvious that U.S. Citizens were passionate, enthusiastic, and willing to go the distance to cast their ballots for our next president.

It's an amazing sight that voters were willing to stand in line for hours and hours to be a part of our nation's process.

Even in Sandy-stricken areas of the country, provisions were made and voters stood ready, although many were without homes, food, or electricity.

As we look at countries with dictatorships, uprisings, and political processes different that ours,  we have to stand proud.

And although many across the nation may be dissatisfied about their candidate not being the one selected to lead our nation for the next four years, we can all look forward to the process, the debates, the ads, the endorsements and then the vote.

God Bless the USA and God continue to bless our process.

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