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Personal care homes issue held for next meeting

National Mentor Healthcare addresses commissioners about personal care homes National Mentor Healthcare addresses commissioners about personal care homes

A group is asking city commissioners to lift a moratorium for personal home care, so they can build one in Albany for people with disabilities.

National Mentor Healthcare currently has three homes in Albany and they're looking to open a fourth on Green Valley Lane.

Tuesday, city commissioners heard from the organization about their concerns if they have to wait until February, when the moratorium is over, to proceed.

Residents who live near the proposed home are uneasy about commissioners rushing the process.

"Let the city commission do their studies, revise their ordinances, put in place something that will apply for all situations," said David Hewett, who lives on Green Valley Lane.

Mary Joe Page drove from Buena Vista to speak to commissioners about how this home would help her two adult sons, who have developmental disabilities.  They currently live at the Rose Haven facility in Thomasville, but that is closing in June.  She was planning to have her sons move into the home on Green Valley Lane with two other men who are also disabled.

Page says the city has put up a wall, instead of a welcome mat.

"It makes a hardship on us, because we probably have to look at another location somewhere else.  My sons need to have all this preparation and move in a home by February. And they just have put a block to that," said Page.

On September 25th commissioners imposed the 120 day moratorium to give them time to revise their current ordinance.

The majority of the commissioners were ready to vote against lifting the moratorium, but the formal vote will be at their night meeting, on November 27th.

"As far as the city's position, we're just trying to revise an ordinance and we don't want to be rushed into it at somebody's demand to make a little bit more money. I don't think it's a legitimate reason to make an exception," said Commissioner Roger Marietta.

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