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Toyota key mystery is solved


Car owners can rest a little easier Monday. We told you Sunday that a promotional key started a Moultrie Woman's car. Turns out to be isolated.

The General Manager of Thomasville Toyota says while each of the 35,000 keys sent out in the advertisement probably would have started Melissa Kilgore's car, they would not for anyone else's.

We first met with Melissa Kilgore Sunday after she told us her son was playing with a promotional key found in a Toyota advertisement and actually started his mothers car.

"Do not give those keys to your kids. Throw them away," said Kilgore.

Kilgore brought her car and the promotional key to Thomasville Toyota Monday morning.

General Manager Lee Graham tells us this is the first time in 14 years he has ever heard of anything like this.

"They were shocked. He didn't believe it. He was like here give me the key let me try it," said Kilgore.

But Graham says his service men determined the issue was with Kilgore's car, which was actually a Dodge, and they are fixing it for her free of charge.

"He said that he would put a new ignition in the car, he would change all the locks on the car and he would put us in a rental car for the time being," said Kilgore.

Kilgore says she had her neighbors who received the advertisement come by her house Sunday night and test their key.

"Some of those keys that my neighbors have crunk my car. I would have loved for y'all to have seen that last night," said Kilgore.

Kilgore says when she brought the key to the dealership Monday morning, she thought she may have actually won a new car, but she says she unfortunately only won a $5 gift card, which she donated to Toys for Tots.

The General Manager of the dealership says Kilgore is the only one who has come forward with this key issue.


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