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Americus plagued with armed robberies


Americus Police increased patrols after three armed robberies within five days of each other. Each time, the victim was alone, and police think these crimes could be connected.

Americus Police are urging residents to be aware of their surroundings after three armed robberies within five days of each other.

"The patrol numbers are up, as far as the number of people we have out there, and criminal investigation division detectives are working around the clock on it, and we are making some headway," says Chief Mark Gerbino, Americus Police Dept.

Randy Walker was one of the victims. Around 1 AM on November 3rd, he was walking to the store on South Lee Street, when a tall man wearing black gloves and

"It was a clown mask, it had red hair, red nose, it had dark eye shadow under the eye, and red lips with blood dripping down the side, like a scary movie mask," says Randy Walker, Victim.

Walker fell to the ground after being hit with the gun. He tried to get up but the suspect stood over him and pointed the gun at his face.

"I was trying to talk to him like please don't shoot me, but he shot the gun towards my head,like to frighten me, or to let me know he wasn't playing," says Walker.

Officers believe this robbery could be connected to two others. On November 6th and 7th. These two robberies involved victims inside their cars.

"These suspects are standing off in the shadows at an intersection," says Gerbino.

Gerbino says a man opened the unlocked doors, got in their car and demanded money. Now he is urging people to lock their car doors.

"Personal safety 101, you have to be aware of your surroundings, so if you pull up to an intersection, if you are going to catch a red light, be aware of what is going on particularly to the curb that is closest to you, and then look around," says Gerbino.

As for Walker, he says he plans on staying inside when the sun goes down.

"I won't walk to the store as late as I did, so I try not to be out when it first gets dark, because that is when all the stuff happens," says Walker.

Police are working on leads, trying to track down who is responsible for these terrifying robberies.

Tuesday at 6:00PM, Americus Police will be at a neighborhood watch meeting in the city council chambers to discuss the robberies and safety tips for residents.

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