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Valdosta honors veterans


Valdosta paid tribute to veterans today with multiple ceremonies honoring our troops.

From Lowndes High School and the American Legion to Valdosta State and Moody Air Force there was no shortage of gratitude for our veterans.

Today was a day to give a special thank you to the millions of veterans who have fought to keep America free. Thousands of students and veterans filled the Lowndes High School stadium this morning to honor our servicemen and women.

"These guys and gals don't get enough recognition as far as I'm concerned. The old saying is that some gave all but all gave some," said Ed Kent, American Legion Post 13.

There were nearly 300 local veterans in attendance, including two World War II vets and friends of 50 years who say if they could serve our county again they'd do it in a heartbeat. At age 85 and 92 they still have their wartime humor.

"I tried to join at 16 when Mussolini and Hitler were so famous I was wanting to do everything I could do to go over there and shoot them buggers," said Charlie Stewart, Navy veteran.

Retired Air Force Corporal, Henry Bentley said, "As the war got over I was scheduled to get on a plane and go to Germany but they heard that I was coming and they surrendered."

Stewart and Bentley say they wish all fallen soldiers were here to see how much our country appreciates them. At Valdosta State University that's exactly who was being honored.

Throughout the day airmen from Moody Air Force Base read off the names of all of the fallen soldiers who have died serving our county since 9/11.

It will take the veterans seven hours to get through the 6,600 names. But one vet says it's a small thanks to give for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"I feel like coming out here is one little thing that you can do to remember. I have a few buddies here that have passed away and its just close to my heart," said Corporal Justin Woods, Marine and Students Vets of America member.  

The National Roll Call was sponsored by VSU's chapter of Student Veterans of America.

There are 13,000 veterans living in Valdosta and Lowndes County.

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