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Employees help thwart armed robbery

MPD Cpl. Dale Underwood MPD Cpl. Dale Underwood

Moultrie police hope Surveillance video will help catch a man who tried to rob a Chinese Restaurant.

The masked gunman ambushed employees as they were taking out the trash, but his plan was foiled likely by the brave actions of two employees.

If you are ever involved in an armed robbery police recommend you stay calm and cooperate. But two employees at China cafe saw an opportunity to get away, and they did, despite the risk.

The masked gunman ambushed the workers Wednesday around 9'oclock and forced them back through the kitchen. He made them go to the front of the store but for some reason he got spooked and took off empty handed. Police say it's likely because of these two employee's bold move.

The restaurant was closed to customers, but the drive through window was open. Police suspect the girls saw the gunman before he saw them and that's how they were able to get away.

The girls hopped out the window after they gave the customer her change.

"Of course I'm assuming that's what spooked him," said MPD Cpl. Dale Underwood.

But a vehicle parked at the drive thru window could have spooked him as well. The driver follows the girls. They ran next door to Anytime Fitness for help. Two employees from the gym chased after the masked man but lost him when he ran into the woods.

"They did the smart thing by not going in the woods because you don't know what would of happened," said Underwood.

Now police are hoping someone can identify this man.  "Maybe people will see how he is built, how he moves, his gait," said Underwood.

"This guy ain't skinny built,"  said Underwood.

His muscular build, the way he walks, his unique shirt with a white strip across the chest are three things that stand out.

"We have some very good video and his face wasn't covered. We would know who he is by now."

He also went through a lot of trouble with nothing to show.  "Yep, the cash registers were open, but for some reason he got spooked, and he felt the risk was too great to go any further with it."

He's also thankful no one was hurt in a situation that could have turned out a lot worse.

Police say they want to speak with the driver outside the drive thru window during the incident. If you have any information that could help police call the Moultrie Police Department at 229-890-5500.

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