Viewpoint: Why keep an abusive teacher?

We saw yet another disturbing vote by a four member panel of the Dougherty County School board last week.

Rather than fire a teacher who yanked a kindergartner across a gym, then slapped her in the face, the panel voted to suspend her and reassign her to another school.


Why would you let this teacher return to the classroom?

You can clearly see Turner Elementary teacher Tracy Drayton in this video dragging the child by the arm. After she sits the child on a bleacher, she walks off, then turns back around and slaps the child in the face.

It's appalling!

They voted to suspend her for 30 days, then reassign her to a different school. Is that really the solution? school board members; This is not the time to stick your head in the sand,. This woman needs to be removed from ALL Dougherty County classrooms.

Think about the message you're sending here, hit a student, keep your job? The board is setting a troubling precedent here and we call on them to get this teacher out of our schools.

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