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Horse rescue needs donations for the winter


A south Georgia horse rescue organization is struggling to care for around 20 horses and donkeys seized in an animal abuse case.

Volunteers at the Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue were only supposed to house the animals confiscated from Rebecca Bannister until her July court date.

But the death of one judge and the recusal of another has extended their stay.

While the animals look lot healthier today, this picture to the right is what they looked like back in February.

"A body score of a horse goes from one to ten, with one being the worst. Some of the horses were a .75. Below one," said Animal Control Director Pat Smith.

The remaining 20 horses and donkeys will remain at the Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue until after Rebecca Bannister's court date, which now is scheduled for February.

"When we first received the horses, we never dreamed we would be keeping them a year or more. We were asked to take the horses in until after the court case which we assumed would be four to five months," said Dancing Cloud VP Anne Campbell.

Bannister was arrested for animal cruelty in February, accused of housing around 80 sick and malnourished animals.

"If it wasn't for this rescue group, we couldn't have seized these animals. We wouldn't have been able to take them from the lady involved," said Smith.

While many of the horses have been adopted out, several others remain on the farm.

And the rescue says they will need several thousand dollars worth of hay for the next few months.

"Doesn't count for the feed that some of them will need throughout the winter, the vet care, it will soon be time for deworming, vaccinations will be coming soon. So we really need the donations coming in so we can cover all of this," said Campbell.

Rescuers say these horses have gained about 200 pounds since coming to the farm.

"The older ones, they are still lacking a little bit of flesh on them, but they're getting there with the love and attention, the vet care that they get, and it takes a lot of man power hours to get this done," said Campbell.

Bannister is also charged with theft in Grady County, accused of stealing cattle fencing and gates.

Below are links to the Rescue's website.

Click HERE to learn more and Click HERE to help.


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