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Dozens of cars broken into by boys

Some of the items stolen by the three boys Some of the items stolen by the three boys

Three South Georgia teenagers admit they entered 70 to 80 unlocked cars in a west Dougherty County neighborhood in one night and stole any items they found worth taking.

Investigators believe the 15-year-old boys have been stealing from unlocked cars for months. Police warn this kind of crime could increase over the holidays. 

They told police that overnight October 24th while smoking marijuana, they drove a stolen car up and down streets in the Hidden Lakes neighborhood stealing from unlocked cars. One of the items they stole got them busted. @

Many stolen items were seized from a 15-year-old Dougherty County teen's bedroom, including a 9 millimeter pistol and ammunition. Police say three teens stole them during a wild night of looting in the Hidden Lakes neighborhood.

"One of them stole one of their grandparent's vehicles and picked the other juvenile up in Lee County. And they rode around and smoked marijuana," said DCP Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick.

Investigators say the three teens rode through the Hidden Lakes area neighborhoods, checking car doors in the driveways.

 "The vehicles they were targeting were all unlocked vehicles. They did not damage any vehicles to take any of the items. All of them were unlocked and easy targets," Kirkpatrick said.

But one of the items they took was a new I-Pod Touch, which includes a GPS tracking device. That led the owner and the police to the teen's home, and these stolen items. The 15 year olds were charged with seven counts of entering auto and theft by taking, and gun charges.

"It's apparent that they have been doing this for several months on the west side of town, so more charges could be forthcoming," Kirkpatrick said.

Police are warning people that during the holidays, these type of crimes increase. "There are more people out shopping. More people leaving items in the cars. Purses and Christmas gifts. They are looking for these items."

Police say the boys confessed to taking three guns and more items, but these were the only items recovered.  

Police say there is a very easy way to protect yourself from crooks- lock your car doors. They say most times crooks will move on looking for another easy target, rather than breaking into a car.

The three 15-year-old boys were released to the custody of their parents.

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