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South Georgians dance all night after Obama wins


Everyone was on pins and needles, as the votes were being counted around the country. That anxiety was short felt for Obama supporters, after he won a second term as President of The United States.

Celebrations took place all around the world and even right here in South Georgia.

Chanting, card board cut outs and even a Vuvuzela was used last night in at a popular Albany Night Club. It was all for President Obama.

Jubilation was in the air in Kenya, New York, and even in East Albany, after President Obama won a second term in office.

"I'm really happy that he was able to get into office. I want him to be able to prove himself. So many people had doubts about him becoming president again," said ASU Senior Antwan Jackson. 

"It's 2:00 at night, and I've been tooting my Vuvuzela like I'm in Brazil. This is history," said Campaign Volunteer Gilbert Udoto. 

He's a business owner and a concert promoter in Albany. "During the last two debates, Romney didn't do anything. He didn't say anything. He was just there. I could tell he was not up for the job," said Udoto. 

He organized an Obama victory party at the Sand Trap Lounge. Hundreds of ASU students came and danced the night away.

"It's definitely a coming together feeling. Everybody is reuniting," said Jackson. @

"I'm feeling fantastic. I'm very happy that Obama won," said ASU Student Tangela Bohannon.

Newspaper headlines around the U.S. mirror their excitement. The New York Post reads 'Hail O'Caesar', Los Angeles Times front page says 'Obama Again', and 'The New York Times' reads 'It's Obama's Night'.

Last night was his and so is the White House for the next four years. President Obama will be inaugurated in January of 2013.

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