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Kinchafoonee students vote in mock presidential election


Some schools gave their students a chance to take part in Tuesday's election.

The students at Kinchafoonee Primary School in Lee County held a mock presidential election, to learn more about the American democratic process.

All 685 students, from 5 to 8 year olds, got to go into an election booth and cast a vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. 

First they had to show their library card as their identification.  Second graders actually ran the election process.

 "Either we have to vote for Barack Obama, which you have to think about what Barack Obama would do. And Mitt Romney, we got to think about what he would do. To see which one would make a better president," said Lanee Burns, Second Grader

"I wanted it to be a lifelong learning experience.  And I hope when they become adults, they will remember this and vote," said Vicki Crew, Kinchafoonee Primary Election Organizer

And in the end the Kinchafoonee Primary Mock Election was a landslide win for Mitt Romney, 408 to 260 for President Obama. 

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