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Women voters turnout strong in Lee County


Voter turnout seems to be high throughout South Georgia.

In Lee County election officials estimate a 75 percent voter turnout.

That's slightly less than the 2008 turnout of 79 percent.

But voting is going smoothly and lines aren't that long at the precincts.

35 percent of the registered voters in Lee County voted early. Lots of people coming to the polls to vote on election day were women. And the majority of those women said placing their vote is very important to them.

Daisy Beaver brought her two week old son Jackson with her to vote, saying she would not miss this election.

Beaver said "I think it's just my duty, responsibility as a citizen. I think everybody should exercise their right to vote."

Many other women brought their kids to the voting booth, and were thinking about those children when casting their ballot.

Sara McCoy said "Because it's important. I think it's really going to have a big impact on the future of our kids."

The majority of the women we talked with after their voted said the Presidential Election was the most important race. Both candidates spent a lot of time courting women voters.

Trina Muse said "I do. I feel like in their debates that they really had messages for women voters. I think that they put a strong priority on making sure that women felt like they were there for us."

The economy and jobs were most often mentioned by the women why they made their presidential vote.

 Zan Twiggs said "Romney. I just felt like he was a stronger supporter of business and getting jobs back in the economy and growing."

 Audrey Irwin said "Well for one thing our country is in a mess. And we need to do something about it. Hopefully we'll get new leadership. I've always been a democrat, but this year I turned over to be a Republican."

Evelyn Felts said she votes every election as her duty, but is a little skeptical.

Was there a candidate or anybody that you felt like you really wanted to vote for? Felts said "No really, they are all crooks."

A high voter turnout. South Georgians determined to make their voices heard.>

Almost every one of the women we talked to said the Presidential Election was their most important issue they came to vote on. To show the difference in this election from 4 years ago, not one of the women we talked to mentioned health care, equal pay, or reproductive rights as an issue they were highly interested in.

We visited three Lee County precincts. All had a steady streams of voters. But election officials think they will fall short of 2008's voter turnout of 79 percent of registered voters.

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