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More logistics jobs coming to Ga.


The US Labor Department expects the number of logistics jobs in the country to grow by nearly 1.1 million by 2016.

The growth rate in Georgia is expected be 5% higher than the nationwide average.

UPS made the word "logistics" popular with their commercials, but what does logistics mean?

It's the science of moving a product or people from point A to point B the quickest and cheapest way possible.

"Your supply chain manager is like your conductor and your logistics is like your orchestra. That conductor really orchestrates that orchestra to produce good music," said MSG. Roderick Barrett with the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

MSG. Barrett says everything the base does revolves around logistics, such as moving vehicles and ammo around the world efficiently.

Better efficiency saves money.  In an uncertain economy, that means these jobs are in high demand.

"A lot of businesses are looking for competitive ways to cut cost and logistics is one of those pieces or function of the business that helps it cut cost by eliminating a lot of overhead," said MSG Barrett.

The Director of the Logistics program at Albany Tech says more companies are turning to outsourced logistics contractors to save money and students in his program are becoming more marketable.

"I produce something, that's my job. Logistics on the job is not my job, I don't want to be good at that. I want to be good at this product," said Director of Logistics program at Albany Tech John Klemm.

Logistics jobs are on the rise is Georgia.  Experts expect the number to grow by more than 9,500 per year over the next 6 years. 

"Logistics takes up a lot of money in an organization. Companies sit back and say if I had that extra money that I'm spending on insurance, taxes and maintenance, I can use that money for R&D and to enhance my product," said Klemm.

So while UPS made Logistics a catchy tune, more businesses are turning that jingle into a reality to improve their companies and that means more jobs for Georgians.

The US Labor Department predicts logistics jobs in Georgia will exceed the number in much larger states of New York, California and Texas in just a few years.


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