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Thomas Co. issues resolution against charter school vote


One south Georgia school board goes on record opposing the charter school amendment.

The Thomas County Board of Education unanimously adopted a resolution against the constitutional amendment that would set up a state commission that could set up local charter schools.

Superintendent Dr. Dusty Kornegay says that would drain resources from traditional public schools.

"The board sees the state's taking over the process of chartering schools as a loss of local control and the second issue, which is perhaps more important is financial."

Here is the full resolution-

Thomas County Board of Education Resolution in Support of Quality Public Education 


The Thomas County Board of Education believes that a system of quality public education is one of the essential foundations of America's past, current, and future greatness; and



The Thomas County Board of Education believes that quality public education for every child, regardless of heritage or circumstance, is the key to equality, freedom, and the realization of individual potential; and



The Thomas County Board of Education believes that without quality public education a great divide will exist between the educated and the uneducated, corresponding to a divide between the prosperous and the impoverished; and



The state of Georgia's economic condition has resulted in a significant decline in state funding for the public schools that serve the educational needs of over ninety percent of Georgia's children; and



This severe funding challenge has caused Thomas County Schools to experience ongoing increases in class sizes, fewer instructional resources, reduced compensation for teachers due to four consecutive years of employee furloughs and reduced work schedules, and



Advocates for a system of school vouchers, state-approved charter schools, and other educational options that divert public school funds away from local community schools support the operation of private or for-profit charter schools; and



The erosion of financial support for public education serves to deepen the inequalities and diminish the opportunities for every Georgia child to be well-educated, achieve the American dream, and contribute to this nation's greatness; and



The Thomas County Board of Education believes that the Georgia Supreme Court ruled correctly in declaring it unconstitutional for an appointed state commission to approve charter schools over the objection of the duly elected local board of education, which is accountable to the taxpaying public; and



The Thomas County Board of Education opposes the state's establishment of a separate system of state-authorized public charter schools that are funded through a funding formula that unilaterally takes critically needed funds from local public school districts and redirects them to the state-controlled charter schools, thereby further debilitating the significantly underfunded existing system of funding for public education for all Georgia students; now, therefore; 


Be It Resolved  

That the Thomas County Board of Education urges the Governor and State Legislators to commit to adequately fund quality public school education for all K-12 students in Thomas County and throughout Georgia; to acknowledge the countless, unheralded successes of public schools in the state; to cease efforts to erode local control of public schools, and to encourage the innovation, flexibility, and accountability that are necessary for Georgia's public schools to continuously improve; and


Be It Further Resolved:

That the Thomas County Board of Education does hereby request that voters of the State of Georgia  oppose the Constitutional amendment relative to state approval of charter schools, which will be on the  November 6, 2012 General Election ballot;  and 


Be It Further Resolved: 

That the Thomas County Board of Education authorizes and directs the Superintendent to transmit an official copy of this resolution to the Governor, appropriate State Representatives and Senators, the State Board of Education, and the Georgia Department of Education.


This 29th day of September, 2012.

Scott Morgan, Chair, Thomas County Board of Education  
George Kornegay, Jr., Superintendent, Thomas County Schools

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