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Food need continues in South Georgia


While the need for food remains critical for hurricane victims in the northeast, South Georgia charities say the need is growing at home as well.

While you're giving to help the hurricane victims, charities here ask that you not forget those in need in South Georgia.

One of the year's biggest food drives in South Georgia will be held this week, and food bank officials say it is coming at a time when the need has increased significantly.

"As we stand right now we could really use donations," said Major Kelly English.

In less than three weeks the Salvation Army plans to host a community wide Thanksgiving meal for hundreds at their church. While raising the donations to host that meal, they are feeding on average 110 people dinner and breakfast everyday. They are concerned that South Georgia's hungry could be forgotten as attention turns to the Northeast.

"What we want people to recognize is that need is still here. And we want people to not forget what is happening next door," English said.

The Second Harvest Food Bank of South Georgia will host their annual Can Do Food Drive Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Food bank officials say local agencies like the Salvation Army are starting to ask about Thanksgiving meals, while the national call from the Northeast is growing.

"We're going to have to assess everything we have," said Food Banks Branch Director Jim Case. "And it's gong to have to thought about. How are we going to serve. How are we going to sends. That's why it going to be so important to have successful food drives. Nationally."

The Food Bank says hunger is a continuous problem in South Georgia, and now the ongoing Hurricane relief is straining their supplies even more. They are asking South Georgians to be generous this week. They need non-perishable food goods like canned pasta and vegetables, and say your donations will be used immediately.

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