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Work continues on Broad Avenue Bridge


Workers continue make progress on the Broad Avenue Bridge but most folks have no idea all the work that must be done before the bridge can come down.

Taking down the Broad Avenue bridge is a complex project.

"Very complicated the river has to be protected you have to take it into consideration there is a whole lot that goes with it," said David Wiley, CEO of Alpha Boring.

Steps that must be completed before the bridge can be demolished.

"The gas line will be hooked up next week and the bridge will be ready to take down," said Wiley.

The first step is removing the utilities, which is a three million dollar chunk of the roughly 11 million dollar project.

"We can see the drivers that come by they don't understand the issues we deal with," said Wiley.

They started working on the water and gas lines the first week of September, but they've run into a few obstacles along the way.

"We had about 6 to 700 feet of solid rock we had to drill through," said Wiley.

Next up they will start working on the water line, which will take another three weeks all slowly moving towards the demolition.

"They will have to work from the middle back because they can't just drop the bridge like they would in a normal demolition," said Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager.

They have to take it off piece by piece, and make sure nothing drops into the water.

"Once they have the new bridge in they will have easy access to get through," said Smith.

That's important because without it they've continued to have near traffic jams

"There are so many cars there it's a problem for emergency vehicles so we really need this project," said Smith.

Officials and folks in the community agree the Broad avenue bridge is critical for access, and the economy so they ask that folks remain patient as work continues for the next couple years.

The assistant city manager says there may be some minor traffic disruptions as this project moves on, but hopefully any major delays are over.

The project will cost $11.8M mostly paid for by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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