Viewpoint: Red Cross always comes through

Right now, the American Red Cross is doing what we've come to expect from the charity, helping people recover from a disaster.

Red Cross workers and volunteers are spread out across numerous states in the northeast helping people hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Some volunteers from south Georgia are among them.

But did you know that the Red Cross is the only charity mandated by the federal government to respond to major disasters?  And it gets no federal funding.

While the Red Cross responds to every natural disaster, its most common response is to house fires, helping people devastated by those personal tragedies.  As the weather cools off, we're entering the busy season for house fires.

The Red Cross depends on donations from people like you to be able to help all those fire victims while still responding to big disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

Over its 131 year history, the American Red Cross has become one of a handful of indispensable charities in this country.

They're worthy of your support, and we encourage you to help the Red Cross help people in south Georgia and around the country in their times of need.

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