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Police make sure trick or treaters have safe Halloween


It was a big night for kids. Thousands of young south Georgians went trick or treating and police throughout the area were out there with them.

As thousands of Trick or treaters hit the streets of one Leesburg subdivision Wednesday night, one thing was apparent cops making sure kids were safe.

"It's Halloween night. They're dressed in costumes, some of them are wearing masks, we want the drivers to be able to see the kids so we wanted to promote safety by passing out the glow sticks," said Lt. James Vick.

Parents such as Cindy Wiggins say they appreciate the officers' efforts, especially among the crowd of thousands who came out Wednesday night.

"I think it's great they come out here every year and I think it makes the parents feel safer. They keep everything controlled out here for us and it's really nice," said Wiggins.

One thing cops are stressing this Halloween is for parents to check their kids' candy for any suspicious items.

"Check all the candy. No homemade candy, just go ahead and toss that out. It was a nice gesture, but just get rid of it. Make sure everything is sealed tightly. Candy can be unwrapped," said Lt. Vick.

"We get home and just lay everything out on the table and try to check everything out and make sure everything good," said Wiggins.

The Albany Police Pumpkin Patrol hit the streets to protect kids.  The department also held its Trunk or treat event at Riverfront Park where more than 4,000 people came out to get candy and other goodies.

APD officers say they just want to give children an enjoyable Halloween experience.

"We want to keep them out of the streets and keep them safe and we just want them to have fun," said Officer LaKesha Bryant.

Law enforcers say in a day in age where anything can go wrong, they want to make sure children can enjoy a night that's supposed to be fun with no worries.

Officers recommend you check the original seal on candy packages.

 If it seems altered take no chances. Just throw the candy out.

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