Viewpoint: In support of charter schools

On Nov. 6, voters will see an important question a little further down their ballot, well after the Presidential and local races.

The question is about charter schools, and Georgia's current process for approving them. In 2008, the state created a Charter Schools Commission to hear appeals when parents and local community members saw their charter application denied by a school district.

School systems sued because they didn't like that funding for state approved charter schools affected both their local and state dollars. A new funding formula is now in place, and local funds are no longer affected. Unfortunately, many school systems are still opposed to idea of a Charter Schools Commission.

Yet Georgia's graduation rate currently stands at 67 percent, ranking us 47th nationally. While charter schools are not the silver bullet that will fix everything, we should look to expand educational opportunities for our children, not restricting them.

Charter schools free up teachers from much of the mandates and paperwork that take up valuable teaching time. The curriculum can be focused on science and math or music and arts, they can be all boys or all girls schools, but most importantly parents are able to choose whether a charter school or traditional school fits their child's needs.

Let's support more educational opportunities and more parental involvement, by voting YES on Amendment One, the charter school amendment.

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