Viewpoint: Can the Post Office be saved?

Many business owners and private citizens were given quite the shock recently when it was announced that the downtown post office would be closing, effective December 2nd.

Even city and county leaders were caught off guard by the announcement.

Fortunately, a reprieve was granted after those leaders met with the local postmaster last Monday to discuss options to delay or stop the closure.

These additional six months will give them time to try to find a private operator to step in and take over operations.

We are pleased that this action has been taken. We all know of the challenges facing the U.S. Postal Service and we are not sure of how to best meet those challenges.

However, the proposed closure presented other challenges. Many of us didn't realize the resulting consequences for those who utilize that particular post office, many spotlighted by those who rallied in support of keeping the post office open.

Printing costs, convenience, and even possible job loss will be incurred for those who have to find alternative services.

We sincerely hope a private operator will step in and save the day for the downtown post office.

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