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Charges pending in deadly "car surfing" accident


A simple search on YouTube and you will find several videos showing stunts called car surfing.

The homemade videos reveal people risking their lives while balancing themselves on the hood or on top of moving vehicles.

"It's just a fad mostly of young people doing things like that," said Albany Police Corporal Jon Segroves.

Segroves says he's never worked a case involving car surfing but says even performing a stunt of this sort at low speeds could prove deadly.

"A lot of times it's not exactly the speed that can cause those types of fatal injuries. Falling over and striking a windshield at a low speed could break your neck, things like that." he said.

State Troopers say early Sunday morning on Shady Road in Mitchell County, 28-year-old Brandon Wood and 31-year-old Brandon Brown stood on top of a moving Ford Explorer. Both men fell off the SUV which was being driven by Wood's fiance, Kristen Richardson.

Both men were taken by car to Archbold Hospital in Thomasville where Wood died Monday from his injuries.

Brandon Brown suffered an injury to his arm. He was treated at the hospital and released.

Troopers say alcohol was a factor and charges are pending.

While the act of car surfing could result in a reckless conduct charge, driving the vehicle in which someone falls off of and dies can carry a much stiffer penalty.

"You do have the chance of facing a vehicular homicide in the first or second degree depending on the total circumstances of the accident," Segroves said.

Troopers say the case is under investigation and right now don't know what specific charges will be filed.

The last study on car surfing by the Centers for Disease Control said that 75% of car surfing incidents occurred in the Midwest or the southeast. They estimate about 60 people have died performing the stunt since 1990.

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