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Angry mom arrested after ruckus at football practice


A Lee County mother was arrested after causing a ruckus at a high school football practice Monday night. She says she was standing up her son who she claims was shoved by his coach.

Vandria West was arrested at Lee County High School and charged with disorderly conduct after arguing with Coach Dean Fabrizio and refusing to leave the practice field.

She claims Coach Fabrizio pushed her when she confronted him at practice over the treatment of her son. Josh West told us the coach snatched him by the shoulder pads and screamed and cursed at him.

Vandria West said, "Coach Fabrizio had no right putting his hands on my child, and I had no right going to jail defending my child."

Lee County High School Principal Kevin Dowling says the arresting officer and other witnesses told him Coach Fabrizio did not touch player and only pushed the mother's finger out of his face after she poked him in the face. He emailed us the following statement.

"After talking with the arresting officer, as well as a few who were on the scene at the time of the incident, I have gathered the following information:

1.  A parent came onto our practice field during practice this afternoon and confronted Coach Fabrizio, accusing him of striking or grabbing her child.  This information was given to the parent from her son.  The confrontation occurred in front of players, coaches, and bystanders.

2.  Coach Fabrizio did not put his hands on the player in question.  This was confirmed by the police officer, after his interview with several who were there at the time of the alleged incident.

3.  Several attempts to calm the parent down (as well as to ask the parent to leave the field) proved ineffective.  After the parent struck Coach Fabrizio in the face with a finger, the police were called, and the parent was arrested for disorderly conduct.  It is my understanding that other charges may be pending.  

We have a procedure for parents who wish to address concerns and/or complaints about teachers, directors, coaches, and/or sponsors.  Making a scene at practice (or after a contest) is not part of that procedure.  Meeting the following day to address these concerns with the sponsor, our Athletic Director and/or an administrator is how we expect these sorts of issues to be handled.  It is my expectation that this procedure will be followed by all who are a part of our school community."

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