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Shooting leaves one injured


An overnight shooting has left one man injured and a neighbor wanting to move out of her home.

Around midnight, two men were riding their bikes down Holloway Avenue when someone in a vehicle started shooting at them. Stray bullets hit at least two homes in the process.

Cora Heneson woke up to banging on her door.

"And I said who is it, and he said the police, and that scared me, I said I didn't call no police,but I didn't know they had shot in here," says Cora Heneson, Neighbor.

Little did she know a bullet had been shot right through her front window.

"I opened the front door, an ambulance was parked out there and police were all around my house," says Heneson.

Police say 20 year old Dominique Henderson and 25 year old Brenton Hailstock were riding their bikes down Holloway Avenue around midnight when a gray vehicle pulled up and started shooting at them.

Cora Heneson was sleeping in her bed when a stray bullet came whizzing through her front window, just inches from where she had been sitting 30 minutes earlier.

"I was sitting right there where your sitting, but I got up and went to bed, because if I was sitting where you are sitting, they would have shot me through the head," says Heneson.

Catharine Seigler lives three houses down and heard the gunshots.

"I heard a car come by first, and I heard some tires, like they were spinning away, I said oh my god, these folks need to stop driving like that through here, the next noise I heard, bang, bang, and I heard something wiz by," says Seigler.

Henderson was struck in the right foot. He was treated by EMS and transported to the hospital for further treatment.

"The boy had been running and ran through there and lost one of his shoes, they had to cut the shoes off the boys feet," says Heneson.

And after 45 years of living in this home, Heneson says with all the crime, she's planning on moving out.

The other man on the bike was not injured. Police are still looking for the suspect. If you have any information contact Albany Police.

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