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Movie Madness Review- Jennifer's Body

'Jennifer's Body' is rated R for sexuality, violence, language and brief drug use 'Jennifer's Body' is rated R for sexuality, violence, language and brief drug use

by Mercer Morrison, WDAM Web Producer

The following review contains spoilers and not the kind in the 'Fast & Furious' films:

It's that time of year where the leaves begin to fall, the air gets a little chilly and girls break out the Ugg boots (ughhhhh boots).

It's also that time of year where the scares start a-stirring. It's not like Christmas where it begins Midnight on Nov. 1 where I'm not even done making regretful decisions on Halloween night.

It's a month of thrills and screams. What better way to celebrate All Hollow's Eve than by watching scary movies? One movie I watched with a group of friends was "Jennifer's Body."

A newly possessed cheerleader turns into a killer who specializes in offing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror…of this movie JK.

The movie stars a fading star Megan Fox, Amada Seyfried and J. K. Simmons who was kind enough to take a break from making Farmers' Insurance commercials.

So the movie is the typical high school set-up with a twist. You have Megan Fox playing Jennifer Check, an angsty teen who is just trying to fit in but she is just having a hard time opening up. Life just doesn't make sense to her as she is too introverted…you know what I'm kidding. She plays a stuck-up cheerleader who is THE HOTTEST GIRL IN SCHOOL! Who woulda thunk it?? Then you have her best friend who is a nerd played by Seyfried. How do they make her a nerd? By dressing her up in glasses and baggy overalls; the oldest trick in the John Hughes handbook. Oh and her nickname is NEEDY! What is that? That's like if my nickname in HS was Cry McSaderson…I mean…that never happened.

So we've established the characters and it's also hinted that Jennifer kinda "gets around" so to speak and since everyone is a teenager, the guys still want to be with her even with her bad rep. Jennifer and Needy then go to a rock show at a dive bar where they watch an up and coming indie band, Low Shoulder. The front-man, played by Adam Brody, is charmingly smarmy and at times creepy. Right off the bat you know something's up. A mysterious fire breaks out in the bar causing many to be hurt and some even dying. The bar burns to the ground and the band shows little concern.

Jennifer, in a weird trance, goes with the band into their windowless predator van even after Needy pleads with her not to go. Needy goes home only to find Jennifer there covered in blood and acting like a ravenous animal. Her face and everything looks possessed like her spirit animal is Calista Gingrich. It's found out later that the band made a pact with the devil in order to become famous and they do this by sacrificing a pure female. They picked Jennifer out because they thought she was pure. The spell does work but since Jennifer isn't pure, she becomes a possessed (literal) maneater. Once this happens, boys start disappearing and suspicions arise.

This movie is sort of a muddled cult classic. Sure it has some flaws but overall it's scary and fun. This brings me to my point where I may be burned at the steak. I take my torso medium rare. Megan Fox….is a good actress. Sure she was horrible in the first two Transformers movies but what else can you do when Michael Bay just wants you to be eye candy for the film when people get bored with the gigantic robot fights? In this role she eats it up (pun intended). I don't think anyone else could play this role quite like she could. I think it is sort of sad that Michael Bay sealed her career from being in any more blockbusters. I can't believe the guy who produced BATTLESHIP has any say in Hollywood. Oh and she is incredibly attractive and I wish she knew of my existence. One thing though is that her Marilyn Monroe tattoo looks more like Wayne Cochran.

The film balances horror and comedy perfectly. Some moments are jarring but hey, that's how horror goes. One thing that really scared me was Megan Fox's first appearance as her possessed self yet Needy shows as much concern as if she forgot the milk at the store.

Besides Fox, everyone does a great job acting except for Needy's boyfriend played by Johnny Simmons. You may be playing a teenager but that gives you no excuse to sound like you have lock-jaw.

As for Diablo Cody (who wrote the screenplay), I will use a quote from my ‘Young Adult' review. "Diablo Cody is Spanish for Hollywood poison. She's a terrible writer. I've personally never liked her. Everyone thought Juno was cute and quirky while I thought it was a SheekGeek's lucid dream which is my waking nightmare. The lingo in the movie was what really bothered me. It was trying to be overly hip and seemed to be yelling at the audience "Am I cool yet?" but I'm not reviewing that." In this one she doesn't seem like she's trying as hard but some moments shine through.

The directing is really good and the cinematography is great as well creating the atmosphere it needs to when Jennifer is about to feed on her prey.

Overall this movie is pretty good especially for the Halloween season.

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