Viewpoint- Newspaper Changes

The newspaper business in this country has a proud history, and it's no stretch to say print journalists played an important role in some of our country's most important events and eras.

As radio and TV became prevalent and changed how people received news and information, the newspaper industry adapted and continued to thrive.  But the dawn of the internet age changed the playing field for all media, and newspapers have lost the largest share.

Recently we all learned that The Albany Herald is making drastic changes, including production cuts and layoffs.  Hopefully those whose families are adversely affected by these job cuts, will not be out of work long.

We've heard from many newspaper readers who are frustrated with the changes. You need only look at a Monday paper, to see the reduction in news content, and businesses using print advertising.

While we certainly sympathize, we also understand the business reasons that brought these changes about.

WALB News is the South Georgia leader in getting you the news and weather information you need and will continue to work hard to fill this void left in our local media landscape.