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Man beaten after he tries to help assaulted woman


Valdosta Police are looking for a man they say beat a woman and a good samaritan who tried to help her.

Joey Wetherington witnessed the man attacking the woman in a motel parking lot.

When he intervened, the man beat him with some object, seriously injuring him.

A father of three is recovering in ICU at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital after police say he tried to help a woman who was being assaulted.

Around Friday midnight, 24-year-old Joey Wetherington witnessed a man beating a woman in the parking lot of the Big 7 Motel off of Hill Avenue. He ran to help 20-year-old Lakisha Reynolds, but the man came back and beat Wetherington with some kind of object.

"I'm very proud of Joey but I never want him to do this again, I never want him to try to help nobody, I really don't. I might change my mind later, but I could of lost Joey and he's my baby," said Wetherington's mother, Patricia Wetherington.  

Wetherington's mother said she so thankful her son is alive. Valdosta Police Investigators say after witnesses came forward they think they know who the man is.

"We got a good description of the offender, we're going to hold back on that right now because we think we know who he is, or we at least have a name, and we're going to see if we can locate him and take him into custody," said Commander Brian Childress, VPD.

Police commend Wetherington's efforts to try and help the woman but they say if you witness a crime like this it's better to just call 911.

Wetherington's skull was fractured and he suffers from multiple other injuries.

"I couldn't hardly stand to look at him because he was in so much pain. I'm so happy now if he gets caught, that will be my Christmas, because I love Joey so much," said Patricia.  

"This is shameful too, because here you have a man who's coming to the aid of a woman who's been assaulted, and its just not right in any fashion or form," said Childress.

Wetherington is expected to be okay. Police do not know how the man and Reynolds knew each other, the woman's injuries were not serious. 

Police say they hope to make an arrest in the next few days.

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