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$1.75 million in fire trucks on Thomas Co. agenda

Elaine Mays Elaine Mays

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Leaders in a south Georgia county hope a nearly $2 million investment will prevent homeowners from paying higher insurance premiums.

Thomas County Commissioners may decide Tuesday whether to purchase as many as seven new fire trucks at $250,000 dollars each.

Money and public safety are generally hot button issues in every county.

And with Thomas County scheduled for an Insurance Services Office inspection, they will be the top priority at Tuesday's meeting.

"They of course check for where water is, for where hydrants are, all of those kinds of things that would make your house insurable, or a building," said County Commission Chair Elaine Mays.

The Thomas County Emergency Services Commission says that in order to maintain the county's current fire insurance rating, the county needs to purchase seven new fire trucks.

"We do have the money to buy them. We will finance them and we also have the impact fees that we have every year so in financing them we'll be able to use the money that we'll collect," said Mays.

County Commissioners say adding these trucks will also help them in the long run by not having to raise homeowners insurance rates.

"Insurance out in the county is quite expensive anyway and so with this we're hoping to keep it down. It's no guarantee that it will stay like it is, but this is a start,"said Mays.

County Commissioners say these new trucks are not additions to the current fleet, but will replace older models.

"If you look at a list of our engines, you will see that some of them are very old. We bought several of them used and we are ending up to put more money into the repairs than what we need to do," said Mays.

Commissioners say the plan is to purchase three of the trucks after Tuesday's meeting and then the next four later in the year.

Thomas County is scheduled for their ISO inspection in February.

Insurance companies use ISO ratings to set their rates.

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