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Consumer's buy energy efficient appliances tax free


Sunday was the last day to shop sales-tax free on energy efficient appliances and products in Georgia.

Certain energy and water-efficient products could be purchased without state and local sales tax.

That includes everything from clothes washers and dishwashers, to refrigerators and air conditioners.

Allen Brackin likes what he sees as he looks at his Lowe's receipt. He saved about $80 on his brand new energy efficient washing machine.

"If it makes the light bill go down it is well worth it," says Allen Brackin, Consumer.

During the three-day holiday, customers did not have to pay local or state sales taxes on the purchase of Energy Star-qualified or WaterSense labeled products that cost $1,500 or less.

"A lot of the Energy Star appliances are all eco friendly so therefore, it saves the environment, it saves you money, it saves on utilities, power, you name it," says Jarod Hill, Lowe's Dept. Sales Manager.

The goal of Georgia's annual sales tax holiday is to give shoppers a break on purchases, promote environmentally friendly products and give retailers a sales boost.

"Primarily it is to encourage the public to upgrade their products to be more conservative to save energy," says Andre Brown, Target Manager.

Energy Star designated products meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the government. Most of them use 30 percent less energy than conventional models.

"People like to do their part and recycle and stuff like that, so energy efficiency is just one of the several steps you can take to be more green," says Brown.

For Brackin, it made the decision to buy even easier.

"We all need to be stewards of the environment and anything that we can do, every little thing counts if everybody does it," says Brackin.

This was the state's second sales tax holiday of the year. Georgia's fiscal economist estimates the energy tax holiday will cost the state $2 million.

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