Viewpoint: Tech school tuition goes higher

It's about to cost a lot more to go to a Georgia technical college.  That's a shame, but it was also probably unavoidable.

The Technical College System of Georgia recently passed a 13% tuition increase and implemented new fees.  It will push the average total cost for a technical college student to twice what they can get from HOPE grants.

The system has generally done a good job managing expenses by doing such things as consolidating schools a couple of years ago.  Tech colleges have still managed to provide quality and cost-effective education, with many schools boasting near 100-percent job placement rates for graduates.

Unfortunately, that education will now be out of reach for more Georgians, but with ongoing state budget cuts, technical colleges have little choice but to charge students more.  If you need new job skills, don't let the increase scare you away.  Look into your technical school and financial aid options.  It could be the key to getting the job you want.

We hope Technical College System leaders will continue to look for ways to cut costs without hurting the quality of education, and we hope they put off any further tuition hike for as long as possible.