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Worth Co. family burglarized


A Worth County family lost more than 10,000 dollars in electronics to burglars Tuesday.  And while that's bad enough, they also lost something that's worth much more to them during a brazen daylight burglary.

County Line Road in Worth County is usually a quiet place. If you come here you might just see the occasional tractor mixing in with the traffic that speeds by. It's the last place that you might expect crime to occur, at least that's what Charlotte Brooks thought.

"I've been here 12 years and ain't never had no problems," she said.

Brooks is fully aware that there is crime in the area.  After all she delivers the newspaper that you may have read this morning.  But crime seemed like something that was far away from her and her family.  That is until Tuesday morning.  So what happened?

"Somebody broke into my house," she said.

To do that someone kicked the front door in.  Then they went through the house and stole some of the family's electronics.

"They took three laptops, two TVs, a PlayStation, Playstation Games," said Brooks.

But that wasn't all.  The Brooks family lost something else:  "my grandson's baby bottle full of change," said Charlotte Brooks.

She immediately called the Worth County Sheriffs Office and they went to work.

"They came inside and took pictures in the bedroom where the stuff was and then they took fingerprints off of the front door off of my bedroom door off of my daughters door and off of my grandson's piggy bank."

In addition to the prints, tire tracks were made by the getaway vehicle and Brooks hopes that all the evidence will lead to the person who did this to her family.  She says that there is one lucky coincidence.

"I'm just glad that my daughter wasn't here."

But the money that used to be in a baby bottle is irreplaceable and that means more to her than all of the computers or TVs

"That's a special gift. His great aunt fixed that up for him before he was born. And whenever he was born, she made a special trip from Alabama to bring it to him," she said.

Now she's hoping to get it back for her grandson so that he can enjoy a better quality of life - one that crimes like this one are helping to take away from all of us.

Worth County investigators say they have some suspects in mind but have not made any arrests.  If you think that you know anything about this crime, you can contact them at (229) 776-8211.

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