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Phoebe initiates nap time for new moms

A new initiative at Phoebe Putney hospital is helping new moms get more rest, but it's cutting down on visiting hours.

Wednesday, the Phoebe Putney board of directors heard about nap time.  From 2pm to 4pm all new mothers will be allowed to sleep with no interruptions from hospital staff or visitors.

"In the hospital people are in and out of the rooms frequently from other departments, visitors come and go quite frequently. So we're trying to give them a couple hours where they can calm down and they can rest," said Tracy Morgan, the V.P. of Women's and Children's Services.

It gives new moms a chance to get some rest while their babies are also sleeping.

"From day one it has been so positive that the patients have appreciated it. The only bad thing is sometimes visitors are not happy with the staff and it puts us in kind of a mode of protecting our patients quiet time. But that's something we're willing to do for the benefit of our new families," said Morgan.

The initiative started September 1st and is expected to become a permanent policy.

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