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Grab-N-Go video shows crooks

Grab and Go Store Manager Vishnu Patel Grab and Go Store Manager Vishnu Patel

Extra security at a Dougherty County convenience store keeps potential burglars out.

Two young men  cased out a Dougherty County convenience store early Tuesday morning.

They ripped down a surveillance camera and tried to break in, and other cameras recorded their every move.

Dougherty County Police want your help finding these two young men, who didn't realize the extent this store owner went to protect his property.

The suspects were staring in the front door of the Grab and Go on Newton Road just after 3:30 Tuesday morning. Dougherty County Police believe they were getting ready to try another smash and grab burglary.

"They happen everyday. Not necessarily in Dougherty County or Albany. But it's something very common," Dougherty County Police Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick said.

They had masks with them, but not on their faces. One has his mask in his hand, the other tied around his neck. One jumps up and tears down the video surveillance camera from above the store door and throws it out in the parking lot.

  "He jumped and take out the camera. He thought oh, now nobody can see me. But there are three locations to catch the camera," said Grab and Go Store Manager Vishnu Patel.

After checking around the building again, one of the teens pushes on the door with his hands and then his shoulder, but this store has burglar bars and re-inforced plexi-glass.

"Then he checked the glass. By shoulder. By hand. But it's unbreakable. I think that is why he changed his mind," Patel said.

Again the two men walk around the building, and only then does this guy spot the other camera, and they leave empty handed.

"I don't know the reason that they did not try to get in. It could have been vehicles coming by. Something of that nature that scared them off," Kirkpatrick said.

It could have been that camera, which got a good look at these young men without masks. They are described as about 5' 9", and 160 pounds. 

Even though the two did not try to smash their way into the store, Investigators say they could still be charged with burglary, criminal attempt.

If you recognize either of those men call Dougherty County Police at 430-6600 or crime stoppers at 436-TIPS.


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