Viewpoint: Miller County School Board

The Miller County School Board is the latest of several boards in South Georgia to  draw the attention of the Governor.  After hearing that members threatened to fire employees and hurled curse words at one another in meetings,  Governor Nathan Deal took drastic steps.

The governor saw a situation so dysfunctional in Miller County, that he disbanded the old board and appointed five new members.

Monday night those new members suspended their superintendent, when some members said the old board might not be totally to blame for all the issues disrupting the system.

Now that's what we call a clean sweep.

Now they a new board and the middle school principal taking over the superintendent's duties.

The Miller School System future operations will not be linked  to past leadership.

The stakes are too high to fail again.

Hard earned tax dollars are taken from the citizens, and the future livelihoods of the students are on the line.

We call on all the leaders involved to start with clean slate, put old animosities aside, and to make the SUCCESS of the children the focus of all they do.

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