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App helps travelers through airport security

TSA screeners are checking you out as you make your way through airport security, emptying pockets, separating bins and removing your shoes.

Then there are the body scanners and metal detectors.

Going through security can be an emotional experience for travelers who feel they were checked twice because of how they look.

That's where "Fly Rights" comes in.

It's an app that allows you to file a complaint immediately after exiting the TSA security checkpoint.

Here's how it works: You click on the app and check off the categories that best fit what types of discrimination you believe you experienced.

You answer a few questions and hit "send."

Your complaint is off to TSA, homeland security, and the creators of the app - The Sikh Coalition - a religious group that claims they face extra checks from the TSA all the time.

The Coalition says the objective is to give travelers a voice.

"It's usually after an immediate experience you have the most emotion, so I think an app like that really brings out exactly what people are feeling at that moment," says Rodney Newsboy, an app user.

"I think people may be shocked at how many of those they receive," notes another traveler, Doug Ballard. "That might become an administrative jungle to handle those when they come in."

The TSA says they are dedicated to working with organizations like The Sikh Coalition. They also recommend the "My TSA" app, which is accessible on iPhone and Android devices.

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