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Charter school amendment debate heats up


Groups on both sides of a charter school amendment debate are trying to educate voters before they decide the proposed constitutional amendment next month.    

It would allow a new state commission to set up charter schools, even over the objections of local school boards.

The Pataula Charter School in Edison is state chartered.

Leaders there say the amendment would provide more school choice and improve education in Georgia.

Opponents say it would take away money from struggling local schools and force school boards to raise taxes.

"A lot of misinformation is out there and a lot of people don't know anything about the amendment so we're trying to get the word out and make sure that people know the facts and make sure people are educated on it," said Pataula Charter School Principal Kylie Holley.

"We cannot afford the public schools that we have now. They're woefully underfunded, ask any parent, ask any teacher. Our public school are underfunded now, why does anyone think we can set up a parallel system of charter schools run by the state," said Public Relations Director of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators Tim Callahan.

Many Georgia education, civil rights groups and even the State School Superintendent oppose the amendment.


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