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GA anglers visited by whale shark talk to WALB


New video from that whale shark spotting shows the close encounter some south Georgia fisherman had with a 25 foot long whale shark.

We've got some new underwater footage now.

Joe Bendis, the Captain of the Celestial Crab fishing boat, is from Valdosta.

He says he couldn't believe his luck when the huge fish showed up next to his boat about 30 miles off the coast of Carrabelle, Florida.

It hung around for about an hour, even nudged the boat at one point.

Bendis says actually touching the gentle whale shark is a moment he'll never forget.

"We experienced something, 'incredible,' as Brad said there in the video, incredible. It's simply amazing and I hope to have many more experiences like this because this is phenomenal," said Bendis.

The whale shark is the largest fish species. It's currently listed as a vulnerable species.

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