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Fort Gaines chase captured on video


A sex offender who was on the run from Florida is back in jail in that state two weeks after he was caught in Georgia following a wild four-county police chase.

We have dashcam video of that chase that started in Alabama and ended in a crash more than 80 miles away in Camilla.

Fort Gaines Police officer Andrew Brown was just inside the Georgia line when Alabama law enforcement handed over a high speed pursuit. His dash cam video captured what turned into a multi county chase. 

"Supposedly he had attempted to strike an officer the chief of police in Abbeville," said Brown.

But behind the wheel of this stolen Mazda Protégé is wanted Florida sex offender Mathew Bozell who has no intentions of giving up or slowing down. He raced into Calhoun County reaching triple digit speeds through the city of Edison where he swerved toward a police cruiser.

"He had total disregard for me and other officers as well as the general public," said Brown.

The chase moves into Baker County and the city of Newton where the police chief blocked off traffic at Highway 91. The small sedan is moving so fast it begins to leak oil which you can see spray onto the cruiser's windshield. 

 "The fastest I noted is he got up to 115 miles per hour." The suspect makes it from Ft. Gaines to Mitchell County in about 30 minutes. Here deputies put out stop sticks but he manages to avoid them as he speeds into the city of Camilla.

But his need for speed would eventually be his down fall. Just ahead of those blue lights, the car mows over railroad tracks at the corner of Broad and Oakland Avenue, the car rolls over in a ditch.

"With that type of crash it's astonishing the he did walk away with very minimal injuries," Brown said.

First responders treated Bozell who is facing a host of charges in three states with the most serious in Florida. Looking back at the 70 mile chase at break neck speeds, it's certainly one pursuit this officer will never forget.

Mathew Bozell is currently looking at a sentence of 30 years to life. He was listed as a sexual absconder and was on probation for sexual battery of a child 12 to 15 years old.

 Bozell was driving a car that was stolen in Florida. In Clay County. He's charged with bringing stolen property into the state, driving on a suspended license, fleeing, and attempting to elude.

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