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Albany female bodybuilder turning heads

A South Georgia mother of four is turning heads in the athletic world.

Emily Ingram qualified for the 2013 Women's Bodybuilding Nationals

in just her first year of competition.

The 33 year old from Albany is training six days a week for next year's Nationals in Atlanta.

That is Ingram, in the middle, at the Panhandle Showdown in Pensacola.

At 5-foot-6, 140 pounds, Ingram competes in the women's physique competition,  which judges more for fitness than huge muscles.

"It's a very athletic shape, and you have muscles, but not over the top muscles" said Ingram. "So you still have the feminine side of it. The beauty side of it."

Ingram finished second in her first two competitions. She says she hopes to promote fitness and exercise as she prepares for the 2013 Nationals. She says her four kids are also excited about her competing.

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