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New school board for Miller County


Miller County has a new school board. Five new board members are being sworn in during an emergency meeting going on right now.

They're replacing board members the governor kicked out of office Friday.

They were removed because of infighting that jeopardized the system's accreditation.

I spoke with two new school board members who say they are honored to have been chosen and are excited about the future of Miller County schools.

Miller County has five new school board members. This news came at the same time Governor Nathan Deal removed the previous troubled school board members.

"It was monumental for this system for that to occur," Robert McIntosh, Miller County School Superintendent.

State officials recommended in March that the governor oust the Miller County board over evidence that the members threatened to fire employees and hurled curse words at one another in meetings.

"I can't tell you how many times I have been threatened with my job for various reasons, I have ben yelled at, cursed at, numerous times," said McIntosh.

The board members who were removed are Leroy Bush, Bob Eldridge, David Lovering, Renza Israel, and Terry Pickle.

A governor's task force was sent to Miller County to conduct interviews with community members to find replacement board members who were best suited for the positions.

"Hopefully we are going to have a board now who is going to be focused on doing what is in the best interest for the kids, personal agendas aside and things like that, let's stay focused on providing the best possible education for our students," Craig Tully, Miller Co. School Board Member.

The previous board will be replaced by Monica Posey, Richard Little, Billy Roland, J.C. Buddy Johnson, and Craig Tully.

"Well you know I think that Colquitt, Miller County is the best place to live then anywhere in the world, and I think we have the best people of anywhere in the world, and I feel like anytime that you have an opportunity to serve your fellow citizens in any way, that you need to do it," said Tully.

Buddy Johnson says it is an honor to be chosen to serve as a school board member, and says this will be a positive move for the community.

"I think this group that was chosen will stay focused and keep our minds where it needs to be, which is on the kids, not on self, but on the children and the school and the system, and if we do that then we will be successful," said J.C. "Buddy" Johnson, Miller Co. School Board Member

And board members hope success in the school board will translate into success for students in the classroom.

Superintendent McIntosh says he wants to commend a few former board members for standing their ground and upholding the principles of the school system.

The new school board will have their first scheduled meeting Monday night at 7.

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