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NASCAR NOTES: Keselowski uses teamwork to win

Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images for NASCAR Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images for NASCAR
Glenn Campbell - "The Lugnut Cowboy" Glenn Campbell - "The Lugnut Cowboy"

There's an old argument that NASCAR is not a team sport, but Brad Keselowski gives all the credit for his win last Sunday in Dover to a total team effort.

Capturing his second win in the Chase and his fifth in 2012, Keselowski regained the championship lead, 5 points better than Jimmie Johnson. It took a strong team strategy and team execution to pull off the win as many of the contenders fell out in the closing laps.

"After my pit crew got me out fourth, that put us in position to really capitalize on good strategy and execution," explained Keselowski of his fuel-mileage win.

In fact, the No. 2 team ran the final eighty-nine laps on one tank of fuel which was simply amazing. The race winner was quick to point out that the credit should not go to him alone.

"A lot of it's on the team," continued Keselowski. "It sounds great to give the credit to the driver but the engine and the strategy makes it all work, as well."

Team owner Roger Penske echoed his driver's comments and added that the guys back in the shop have been putting in extra hours as well to pursue a Cup Series title.

"Really today it was all about teamwork," commented Penske on his team's efforts. "As I said before, Brad has really pulled this team together. He knows what he wants. Paul has a great group of guys working around that car, not only the ones over the wall, but the ones at home, the aerodynamicists, the guys in the shop, outstanding."

With two wins and a 5-point lead, many would consider Keselowski the favorite to win the Chase. However, the young driver is not so quick to jump to conclusions.

"By no means do I feel like we're the favorite," replied Brad when asked about the favorite tag. "Certainly we're not the underdog, probably, at this point. But I think there's so much racing to go, so many opportunities for things to go wrong - or right - for anyone out there, that it's way too early to point those fingers and say those things."

Still, as folks focus on Keselowski, he tries his best to turn the attention to the team for their success.

"This is the 20th time I've said that word, but it's for a good reason," continued Brad when asked about his lead in the point standings. "It's how you come together as a team. When everybody contributes this much, you stack some pennies, before you know it you got a dollar, and soon you've got tens and hundreds."

Judging from their performance last Sunday, the No. 2 team might not be counting just money at the end of the season; they might be counting trophies.

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