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Justice for Sasha


It's been more than a week since Warwick city leaders promised to exhume Sasha the police dog so investigators could examine the carcass and so the city could give the K-9 officer a proper burial but she's still buried in her handler's yard.

Sasha died inside that former Warwick Police officer's SUV nearly a month ago.

Now people around the world are calling for justice for Sasha.

Former Florida police investigator Ray Bedel brought Sasha from South Florida to Warwick. He's been trying to determine why she died the way she did he was hopeful when the Warwick city council agreed to pay for a proper burial but he says he had no idea it would take so long for it to happen.

People around the world are demanding justice for Sasha a K-9 officer that suffered a tragic death inside a Warwick police SUV.

"There are people writing condolences all the way from Australia this isn't just a Worth county issue this is a worldwide issue," said Ray Bedel, Former Miami-Dade Officer

Former Warwick officer TJ Frye discovered Sasha inside his vehicle September 3rd after returning from a weekend trip. You can see how Sasha tried to escape before she died. 

Frye resigned days after the incident and no investigation started for 11 days.

Many people are pointing fingers at city officials in Warwick and the Police chief but the city attorney says the chief handled the situation properly.

"I recognize it would have been better if they moved quicker but it's not unusual for councils and school boards to take more time to make disciplinary decisions about report's," said Tommy Coleman-Warwick City Attorney

Coleman says Sasha belonged to Frye not the city. He says council members were horrified to learn of the incident but at this point there is nothing more they can do.

"They are doing something about the dog, Frye no longer works for the city the event occurred outside of the city," said Coleman.

Ray Bedel, who helped bring Sasha to Warwick, says he will continue to fight for her justice and get her the respect she deserves.

"Any evidence that the dog has in her body is being destroyed by being buried in the ground," said Ray Bedel, Former. Miami-Dade Officer

This Facebook group Justice for K-9 Sasha shows just how much attention this story has generated.

"Within the past 36 hours we've had an increase of over 3,000 members," said Bedel.

Bedel says he just wants an investigation a proper burial and for someone to allow them to dig Sasha's body out of TJ Frye's backyard.

"If there is no wrong doing on there part fine my question is give us the dog, let us put her where she belongs," said Bedel.

And all 5,000 members of this group will do what they can to make sure this happens.

The Georgia Humane Society is now working on getting Sasha exhumed. They'll have a state-approved veterinarian examine the remains at lab at UGA in Tifton.

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