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Opossum swoops in to devour yellow jackets

Seventy to eighty thousand yellow jackets were found in a nest near Porterfield United Methodist Church playground in Albany.

They are now dead thanks to Bee Exterminator-Keeper Dale Richter, and pretty much consumed, thanks to an urban opossum.

The nest was at least three feet wide and three feet underground deep. Richter showed up at 5:00AM to kill the yellow jackets, before they woke up. He used three different chemicals to make sure they were dead.

The nest was so deep, he had to lie on his stomach, to remove the nest from under an oak tree.

He says yellow jackets are becoming more of a problem in South Georgia. "We are seeing quite a few more. In the last two days, I've had more than 16 calls. In Lee County, some people were stung by the yellow jackets," said Richter.

As our camera was rolling, an opossum started eating the dead yellow jackets. Richter says the possum is a natural predator of yellow jackets.

Remember, if you see a nest call an exterminator. Dale Richter can be reached at (229) 886-7663.


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