WALB's Most Wanted: Mystery amusement park man

Police need your help finding a man who became violent and pulled a gun after being removed from an Albany fun park.

There was no fun and games, just vulgarity police say before the patron became enraged.

A surveillance picture shows the suspect wearing a distinctive pink hat. He and his and girlfriend were visiting All American Fun Park the night of September 13th.

Police say the man began using foul language and the owner asked him to leave. That made him obviously upset, he left the Fun Park but minutes later came back and began waving a gun at the manager from a business across the street.

The fun park owner tells me none of the customers were ever in danger, and eventually the man took off running through the duplex apartments across the street.

You might recognize him from the distinct neon pink hate. He's wearing a tank top. It unclear if he was driving or if he lives around the Slappey Boulevard area. But police need your helping him @@

While no one got hurt, the fact the guy was waving a gun is enough concern for police to want to get him off the streets.

This irate curser who is packing heat becomes one of WALB's Most Wanted.

If you recognize him call CrimeStoppers at 229-436-TIPS. You can remain anonymous and still could earn yourself a reward.