Viewpoint: Joint Church Meeting

It's been done before but it's still needed!  This week's joint revival services between Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church of Albany are an effort to promote much-needed racial and religious harmony.

Over the years, congregations held joint services to learn more about each other, how our worship services differ, and are similar.

Ernest Davis, the pastor of Bethel, invited Garret Andrew, the pastor of First Presbyterian,  to preach a three-night revival service at Bethel.

These are two of Albany's oldest churches, both very familiar with the racial, economic, and social divides in our city.

In spite of that history and in spite of many saying this type of coming together could never happen in this city, the two pastors and their congregations are working to break down the barriers and the walls that continue to divide us even in 2012.

Thanks Bethel and First Presbyterian for reminding us all that the hearts of our community should be filled with a love that transcends all that divide us.