Viewpoint: Why is police dog dead?

Last week, we learned that a Warwick Police Department K-9 dog died under peculiar circumstances, two weeks ago. The dog was found inside a police vehicle, apparently killed by a heatstroke.

Lt. Thomas Frye, who was in charge of the dog, resigned a week after the dog's death.

We are told that the dog got inside the police SUV while Frye was on a weekend vacation.

How did she get in there? We are told that the dog could open car doors.


That seems implausible at best, but if she could, how did she have the opportunity to do so?

Who was in charge of the animal? SOME HUMAN is responsible for the fact that the dog was not properly secured and cared for.

The person ought to be held accountable for the sad and sorry end to this police dog's life.

Something doesn't smell right with this whole story.

We call on the city or Warwick, and the GBI if necessary, to conduct a full investigation of the police dog's death, and to make its findings public, and to provide the real story of why the dog wasn't secured, and exact WHO was responsible.

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