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Florida police officer wants answers in Worth Co. K-9 death


A retired South Florida police officer is on a mission to find out how a Worth County K-9 died a horrific death and why nothing was done about it for a week and a half.

Sasha, a 10-year old narcotics dog with the Warwick Police Department died inside her Handler's police vehicle.

She wasn't found for days and the incident wasn't reported to animal control officers for 10 days.

Now, the man who brought Sasha to Warwick wants answers.

Sasha was retired from a police agency in South Florida because she was afraid of thunder, but when she went to live as a family dog she didn't seem happy. That's when Eugene Bedel, arranged for Sasha to go back to work as a narcotics dog in Warwick.

Retired Miami Dade Police officer Eugene Bedel is on a mission to get answers as to why Sasha, a gentle and loving dog died the way she did.

"I want to be the voice for Sasha, no K-9 should be treated that way," said Retired Miami Dade Police Officer, Eugene Bedel.

Like most people, Bedel was shocked and disgusted when he heard she died and about her struggle to save her own life.

"When I saw what that car looked like, that isn't the dog, to see what she went through? What she did to try and save her own life," said Bedel

Sasha's handler former Warwick police Lieutenant Thomas or T.J Frye says he went out of town and when he got in the car for work Monday, he found her dead in the front seat.

"Three days and no one checked on the dog," said Bedel.

Frye claims the dog let herself in the car, because he forgot to lock up the SUV. But Bedel says the story doesn't add up, and he's not the only one.

A page has been started on Facebook, ‘Justice for Sasha' where folks are speaking out on her death.

"No one believes that dog opened up the car door and put herself in there and closed the car door," said Bedel.

But he's also upset with how long it's taken for the incident to be investigated it wasn't reported to animal control for 10 days.

He says he wants to make sure Warwick never gets another K9 officer.

"I personally made arrangements for that dog to go there, so I feel personally responsible for her death," said Bedel.

Now, he won't give up until justice is served.

He plans on going to the city council meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. to see if he can get anymore answers from elected officials. He also is working to see if he can get stricter legislation put into place dealing with situations like this.

The Worth County animal control officer says she has completed her investigation, she is turning is turning over her findings to the DA who will then hand the case over to the GBI.

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