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Children exposed to porn during Disney movie

Georgie Brown's children watch a show on The Disney Channel. (Sept. 13, 2012/FOX Carolina) Georgie Brown's children watch a show on The Disney Channel. (Sept. 13, 2012/FOX Carolina)
ASHEVILLE, NC (FOX Carolina) -

It started out as any typical morning inside Georgie Brown's Fairview, NC, home.

"The kids wanted to see Lilo and Stitch," explained Brown. Brown has a son who is almost 2, a 3-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son.

Brown had recorded the movie on one of the "Disney Channel" channels on Dish Network on Sept. 7 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Three days later, she switched on the recording for her children to watch while she did work in a nearby room.

Brown said that about a minute into the recording, an alert box appeared, stating "part of the recorded event has been lost due to signal loss, the picture pixilated and video of a man and woman having sex appeared. She said the explicit video continued for six minutes before another signal-loss message popped onto the screen and the Disney movie reappeared.

The video was so graphic that neither FOX Carolina nor the Disney Channel are allowed to air it.

Brown said she was in her kitchen working when she realized what she was hearing was not the heartwarming Disney movie.

"I just heard things that probably shouldn't be on Lilo or Stitch," she said. "My first thought was the children have changed the channel."

However, Brown's children had not changed the channel, she said. Instead, the six-minute pornographic video was recorded within the movie, Brown said.

"If you can imagine Maggie Simpson sitting on a sofa watching porn that was him just sitting there sucking his pacifier kind of clueless," Brown said of her youngest child's reaction. "My 5-year-old grabbed his ears and ran out of the room screaming, 'I didn't do it,' and the 3-year-old was sitting there crying."

Brown showed FOX Carolina's Cody Alcorn the information page from the movie she recorded. Alcorn said it was very clear it was Lilo and Stitch from 2002. It was rated PG.

Cody Alcorn talked to David Guttey, a contractor for Dish Network, who looked at Brown's receiver.

"I've been in the TV industry for 15 years and I've never once seen that," Guttey said. "It kind of had me astonished."

Guttey said he does not believe the appearance of the sexually explicit video was Brown's fault.

"If they would have stopped one and started another it would have set up another recording and it wouldn't have just followed on through."

Guttey said there is a chance anyone watching this program on Sept. 7, likely saw the six-minute clip of pornography.

Brown said while she's still waiting on answers from Dish Network, she's trying to work through this incident with her kids.

"When I told [my children] you guys were coming and to talk about the television, they mimicked the action and sound back to me, and they're only 3 and 5," Brown said.

Brown called Dish Network to report the problem. The network issued this statement:

"We have technology in place to help ensure we deliver the content that subscribers want to watch. We are working with various partners and our customers to better understand what occurred."

FOX Carolina contacted Disney to get a statement on the incident, but the network has not returned the calls.

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