Viewpoint: The bus station is OK

We've all heard of the infamous waste of tax dollars building a bridge to nowhere.

Well, now, a majority of city commissioners want to waste more of your tax dollars, $150,000 this time, for a second plan to relocate our downtown bus station.

But why? The existing bus terminal serves its purpose well. It's a good, centralized location. It's spacious, air conditioned and close to taxi-stands.

Some are pushing for the move, because the city will lose millions in federal grant money to help pay for it.

We say, so what? Our zeal to get our hands on DOT money should not cloud our good judgement.

Just because government grant money is available doesn't mean we have to do whatever it takes to spend it.

Isn't that the kind of state and federal waste we all complain about???

There's nothing wrong with the existing bus terminal.

We totally agree with the Mayor who voted No, to wasting $150,000 on another study…

We say leave the bus terminal where it is!>